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There Are More People In Their 60’s And 70’s In The United States Than Ever Before!


Today, one in three Americans is now 50 or older. By 2030, one out of every five people in the U.S. will be 65-plus. Those age 65 and older numbered 39.6 million in 2009, a number that has continued to explode. With economic stresses, insurance changes and better health and mental curiosity, people over 60 are working, contributing and interacting in multi-generational settings on a regular basis.

Enter: Anne Reizer, 70 years young and an avid proponent of health, exercise, nutrition and beauty/fashion for the senior. Most people in their 60’s and beyond have dealt with a series of life changes and the vicissitudes are ongoing. Your visual presentation will give you more confidence to meet the new experiences/changes gracefully and allow you to take charge of how you present yourself to others.

“Your appearance gives a ‘visual language’ to others that you are confidant in who you’ve become,” says Reizer. “Caring about your hair, clothing, makeup, and most importantly your health, is neither a superficial pursuit nor an insurmountable goal.”

Reizer has just released the first book to address the 60-80 female demographic withBeautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women.

In an engaging, upbeat and motivational interview, Reizer will discuss:

  • How she keeps her style current and personal
  • Tips from health experts in the book: exercise, dental care and nutrition and 7 other health professionals that she lives by and you should to!
  • Makeup, hair, skin and clothing advice from the experts: some simple tips that create significant visual and mental impact
  • The real-life “models” in her book and how their “makeovers” impacted them
  • Why it is so critical to not be apathetic about yourself: looks, mind and health
  • How she incorporates exercise into her daily routine at the age of 70!
  • Why she engaged in the project to write a book for the often overlooked 60-80 age demographic
Anne Reizer is 70 and an avid proponent of health, exercise and nutrition combined with a keen observation of timeless style. Reizer counts a dozen treks to Nepal, many golf tournaments, and numerous marathons in her fitness dossier. She understands that with maturity comes the need to adjust fitness goals, but continues to pursue personal fitness and healthy living. Reizer has enjoyed professional experiences as a teacher in the US and Asia, as a real estate agent and now her current endeavor as an aging advocate and author. Reizer spent 25 years living abroad in Asia and England and currently resides in Houston, Texas, and Breckenridge, Colorado.

Website: beautifulencore.com

Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women will be released January 20, 2015 and is available for pre-order on www.amazon.com

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