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Beautiful Encore:
Makeovers for Mature Women

Anne Reizer

60 Really is the New 40!


There are 10,000 baby boomers turning 60 daily. The aging demographics over the next four decades will be dramatically different then they were two decades prior.

The over 60 population in the workforce has increased by over 30% in the past two decades and the nation's 65-and-older population is projected to reach 83.7 million in the year 2050, almost double in size from the 2012 level of 43.1 million. Working and contributing into your 70’s will be more common than every before!

Never have we seen such a shift and never before has a book addressed the 60-80 age market with the concept of physical appearance: hair, makeup, clothing and connecting it to the impact of your ability to interact, connect and have confidence. Enter: Beautiful Encore: Makeovers for Mature Women by Anne Reizer.

Beautiful Encore embraces aging by inspiring women to see the possibilities of combining physical appearance: wardrobe, hair and makeup with good health practices and mental stimulation . These endeavors will allow women to mature with vitality and confidence.

“Looking good is not a superficial endeavor. It leads to engagement and success in other facets of your life,” states Reizer. “Keeping yourself current and put-together in your mature years tells those who interact with you that you’re engaged and have a plan for your time.”

In Beautiful Encore, readers will see the “oh my” moments of physical transformations of eclectic, inspirational women ranging in ages from 62 to 86. The spectrum of models’ backgrounds is far ranging: marathon runner, dude ranch wrangler, educator,seamstress, humanitarian, at-risk youth advocate, cancer survivor, Christian leader, engineer/environmental specialist, fitness pioneer/spiritual leader to the first woman to captain a 747 across the Atlantic.

With beautiful photography, artful design, interspersed with relevant, informational health, nutrition and beauty articles, readers will be inspired by:

  • The physical transformations of the models outward appearances
  • Tips for hair and makeup: to embrace your grey or not; thinning hair
  • Different body types and how to embrace your authentic style
  • Eating your way to good health and reducing inflammation
  • Advice on realistic and doable exercise routines - embracing new ideas and chartering your individual plan
  • Auditory guidance: causes and consequences of hearing loss
  • Facial rejuvenation after 50: skin care products and procedures choosing what is right for you
  • Vision care: preventing the big 3– glaucoma, cataracts and Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
  • And much more…
“Investing in ourselves helps us project confidence and reinforces how we want to be perceived,” adds Reizer.

Anne Reizer is 70 and an avid proponent of health, exercise and nutrition, combined with a keen observation of timeless style. Reizer counts a dozen treks to Nepal, many golf tournaments, and numerous marathons in her fitness dossier. She understands that with maturity comes the need to adjust fitness goals, but continues to pursue personal fitness and healthy living. Reizer has enjoyed professional experiences as a teacher in the US and Asia, as a real estate agent and now her current endeavor as an aging advocate and author. Reizer spent 25 years living abroad in Asia and England and currently resides in Houston, Texas, and Breckenridge, Colorado.


Beautiful Encore: Makeover for Mature Women will be released January 20, 2015 and is available for pre-order on


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